The Perennial Philosophy



Frithjof Schuon


Echoes of Perennial Wisdom

Echoes of Perennial Wisdom HC

The Eye of the Heart Metaphysics Cosmology Spiritual Life (Library of Traditional

The Feathered Sun Plains Indians in Art and Philosophy

From the Divine to the Human Survey of Metaphsis and Epistemology (The Library of Traditional Wisdom)

In the Face of the Absolute (Library of Traditional Wisdom)

Language of the Self

Light on the Ancient Worlds (Library of Traditional Wisdom)

The Play of Masks (The Library of Traditional Wisdom)

To Have a Center (Library of Traditional Wisdom)

Transcendent Unity of Religions

The Transfiguration of Man

Treasures of Buddhism

Understanding Islam

Castes and Races

ChristianityIslam Essays on Esoteric Ecumenicism (The Library of Traditional Wisdom)

Der Menssch Und Die Gewibheit

Esoterism As Principle and As Way

The Essential Writings of Frithjof Schuon

The Feathered Sun Plains Indians in Art and Philosophy

Logic & Transcendence

Spiritual Perspectives and Human Facts

Stations of Wisdom (The Library of Traditional Wisdom)

Sufism Veil and Quintessence

Survey of Metaphysics and Esoterism

Understanding Islam

Dimensions of Islam

Islam and the perennial philosophy

Islam and the perennial philosophy

Logic and transcendence

Road to the Heart Poems



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